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Founder: Svetozar B. Acimovic - Bata, born in Kraljevo. Training and Education: Elementary School Sveti Sava in Belgrade, Elementary School Slobodan Princip Seljo in Belgrade (later VIII Belgrade High School, now III Belgrade High School) and IV Kraljevacki bataljon in Kraljevo, High School Mirko Lukovic in Kraljevo and VIII Belgrade High School in Belgrade, Faculty of Law in Belgrade, unfinished postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Law, Department of Commercial Law - Code of Conduct for multinational companies.
Work experience: NAVIP in Zemun, affairs related to normative activities.
Coordination of normative acts of the company with the laws, company organization, work of company management bodies, representation of the company before the courts and government agencies.
Hall of Dom Sindikata in Belgrade, working on matters related to normative activities, normative regulation and contracting entertainment programs, festivals, conferences and other cultural and public manifestation of the highest level, considering that at that time the Hall of the Dom Sindikata was the only representative hall in Belgrade, Serbia and SFRY.
Slavija Film-Union film, tasks related to the company normative activity, legal, economic and financial regulation of the system of pooling resources for production in cinematography, which is the first successful attempt in cinematography business to operate on the market principles, the largest film production is achieved, and in addition to a series of commercial and low-cost films, several seminal films were made, Secas li se Dolly Bell (Do you remember Dolly Bell?)in co-production with Sarajevo film, as well as independent production Balkanski spijun, Zivot je lep (The Balcan Spy, Life is Beautiful) and others.
Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia, working on the tasks related to normative activity, independent work on the legal and technical formulation of regulations in the field of pre-primary, primary, secondary, higher education, sports, science, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, standards for pupils and students, the system of financing of these activities as well as representation of the Ministry before the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the committees of the Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.
Private company BMG in Belgrade, normative regulation of company organization and business operations, representation, contracting activities within the company activity (printing, marketing, publishing).
The Federal Customs Administration, normative activity, organization of work of bodies, organization and human resource management, representation of customs bodies before other state authorities and courts.
The Customs Office Belgrade, organization and management.
While working in the corporate sector and state administration I was always setting new goals and challenges for myself. Once I have mastered one area of law, I wanted to learn something different and new. Keeping pace with the new century and change in social relations in Serbia, I have decided to set one more goal for myself. I have founded Alis.
Business policy of Alis is based on the organization which is founded on finding the most appropriate option so that we do not limit ourselves to a local partner. Our partners-correspondents are multinational companies with branches all over the world whose infrastructure is always at our disposal. With such support and owing to the free use of the powerful infrastructure, we are able to provide, in addition to traditional transportation services and organization of all other activities, services related to resolving any problems with the local authorities worldwide, in accordance with local regulations.
Since 2014, our current and new clients have a partner in us with whom they can improve their business using marketing mechanisms that we offer.
Our goal is to set new standards in this area through our marketing services.
The most important in life is to have big goals, because that's the only way to achieve the smaller ones
Alice is a family business.
The family is expanding.
Business follows.


Alis logistics



The company ALIS was established as a company that provides to its clients organization of all types of transport. So far we have successfully transported a wide variety of products (large sized machinery, container goods, liquids, stone). Destinations to which we transport goods are found on almost every continent.



We offer our clients services of customs clearance in the Republic of Serbia. We have at our disposal a network of forwarding agencies abroad as well, so we offer our customers complete logistic service from the place of loading to the place of unloading.

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