If today is the day when you're promoting a book, a day when you launch a new perfume, a day when you open a store, the day when you celebrate your 18th or 88th birthday, the day that you want to remember forever and have all the people around you remember as well, then we're going to help you to make it a day with a capital D.
A new day.
The most beautiful day.


We design a frame for your public image and place it in a location which belongs to you.


Recognizability and uniqueness have to learn and build. The most important ingredient is trust. Let everyone see you.

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Logistics - Events - Marketing
Zarka zrenajnina 83, Opovo, Serbia

Office Belgrade
Majora Branka Vukosavljevica 104
E: office@alis.rs
T/F: +381 11 21 62 103
M: +381 69 220 17 69
PIB 101559819